Repair Service

We specialize in the repair and replacement of heating and air conditioning equipment. Our service charge is $130.00. This covers the first hour of our labor but does not include material. Each additional half hour is billed at $65.00 - there are no hidden charges.

Service for the Season

Summer in South Carolina is beautiful... and brutal. We recommend calling in the spring time to have your system serviced for the Season. We will clean your indoor and outdoor coils with heavy duty coil cleaner, clear your drain line, flush out the drain pan and treat it with algaecide to prevent clogs, check the overall condition of the motors, compressor, and capacitors, and check the refrigerant pressures in all of your units.

Don't forget about a cold weather service. We generally have mild winters here, but it won't feel that way if your heat breaks down. Before it gets cold give us a call. We will clean your indoor and outdoor coils with the same heavy duty coil cleaner that we use for the summer service to ensure your system is working at its best, and check the condition of the motors, compressor and capicitors. If you have a heat pump we will check the refrigerant levels, check the condition of the electric heat strips, and make sure your system can defrost itself. If you have a gas furnace we will check all of the safety switches, and monitor the heat exchanger for any carbon monoxide leakage.